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25th Sept, 2022

I have no idea how do I start....well its my birthday today.
I was never a boy who used to wake up midnight to check out who wished me. It was only since last year I became this.....the only reason I had woken up last year midnight for my birthday was to see if my someone then(now everything) actually makes out the promise she made.
[if you didn't get it, go through here ]. And this time, I was also eager to see what I get from two of the gems in my life her and Nupur didi. [Nupur didi? She is the dhugi from 'here']
These two person have been the blessing in my life......

And yes, my birthday really got damn dramatic....why?

Never in life I was this excited for my birthday, as this time I really had 2 person who would literally give up on everything for the sake of my happiness. So, I was really curious with how they show up on my birthday. I had been awake till 11:28pm talking to my soulmate whereas I had bid bye to Nupur didi a little earlier but I was really sure that they would obviously come up with a birthday text 12:00 am right sharp. So, even after bidding bye to them I hadn't slept. Passing the rest 32 minutes without talking to anyone was so tough and I did something so stupid I could ever do in my life. I took my phone and played a song, a song that has been very close to me since few of the days, B it is the song you are thinking of you right now, yes the one you dedicated to me. And within no time I was asleep enjoying the music.
I had an alarm of 11:59pm so that I could see the wish midnight but the song I played maybe overlapped the alarm or what I don't know but I literally didn't hear up the alarm neither the call Nupur didi made to me. I was never the one who believed in magical things, I was already asleep casually like the other days, and even the music got stopped(it gets stopped in youtube if we don't select songs for long) so I was really asleep. And I dream something, something scary.....that got me awake. The only thing that had me this excited for my birthday was to see the wish from 2 of them. But I dreamt that my girl didn't wish me. I mean there could have been no saddening dream and I was fully upset with that. This dream got me awake for real. It was right 2:25 am I woke. I hurriedly open my phone and I could see notification from both of them and I was soooo happy with that.

Was this all? No, nothing in my life happens this straight!!

So, lets start with Nupur didi, I mean I cannot describe the effort she put forward to wish me. Literally 4 and a little more page long written wish on her diary. The word she used for me really melted up me. She had texted me personally, I could see myself on her facebook post, both facebook and insta story. I was really so happy with that. Thank you so much Nupur didi for the wonderful wish.

Wondering? This was all straight, what's more dramatic left?

Lets talk how my soulmate texted me. So, it is WhatsApp where I talk to her. After waking up, I open up my WhatsApp so quick and I see seven texts from her. I was like, seven long texts, WOW!! When I opened the chat, I literally cried. Was it that touchy? No, not at all. She had just wished "Happy birthday to you dear soulmate" and the rest 6 texts were for me sleeping not a birthday wish. I was heartbroken to the fullest as I was really so much excited for what she says and seeing a one liner, I couldn't control on my tears. I questioned myself if I was really worth a one liner from her. I couldn't trust what happened. I went to facebook if she had texted something more but no yaar, no text......she kept a facebook story, she posted on facebook and really a very sweet and touchy video on insta which made me feel a little better but I was so sad that I got no as expectation kind of text wish. I checked my facebook twice, insta again if she had DM me, but NO!! Even I went to check email if she emailed but every of them were blank still I was a little happy for the insta story she kept. But I wanted to talk to her and Nupur didi, I dialed each of them more than 5 times and neither of them were picking it up. I was going to sleep now, I was on tears still, I couldn't trust that my girl just came up with a one liner wish. I couldn't sleep now. I really didn't trust whatever happened and with the random thoughts of her, I remember, VIBER!! The place where she first wished on my last birthday. I hurriedly got my phone and opened up viber....DAMN, THERE IT WAS!! A long wishhhhh from her, and reading out every of it made me so special.
And both of them made my eagerness count, both of them didn't let me down and proved once again how much they love me and made me feel blessed.
So, this was all what happened......

Again, taking a moment to thank both of these gems in my life. This is probably the bestest birthday I am going to have as with in just 3 hours 48 minutes of my birthday they both really made it all count and there is a whole day left so hoping for the best for the rest of the day. Thank you so much Nupur didi for such a wonderful and touchy message, that really got me emotional Nupur didi. Your brother loves you alot and truly respects you nevertheless how much I irritate you. Thank you so muchhhhh!!! Thank you so much B for the effort you put forward yaar. I am really blessed to have you as a part of my life. Thank you for making me feel this blessed. <3

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Rabin Kalikote

Happy Birthday, man!

Ashok Shah


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