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Sigma bond is stronger than Pi bond because of the following reasons:

  1. The extent of overlapping in Sigma bond is greater than in Pi bond.
  2. The electron density in intermolecular axis is more in Sigma bond than in Pi bond.
  3. There is free rotation of atom about Sigma bond but not about Pi bond.
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ii)Transition metals and their compounds show catalytic activities because of Variable or multiple oxidation states, ability to form complexes, they provide large surface area for adsorption.
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int main() {

int i, number, num1, num2=0;

char str1[50];

num1 = number;

for(i=2; i<=20; i+=2) {

printf("%d", i);

printf(", ");


return 0;


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Memory export Jim Kwik says that anything combined with emotion becomes a...

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