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Here, f: A>B

f(x)= (x-1)/(x+2)  ;  x   -2 

A= {-1,0,1,2,3,4}

B= {-2,1,-1/2,0,1/2,1/4,2/5}

Range = {-2,-1/2,0,1/4,1/2,2/5}

As range is not equal to codomain so the given function is not bijective. 

We can make it bijective by omitting {1} from set B 

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The stage of cell division in which paired homologous chromosomes get shortened and thickened is prophase I of meiosis. During this stage, the chromosomes condense and become visible as distinct structures, allowing for the homologous chromosomes to pair up and exchange genetic material through a process called crossing over. The shortening and thickening of the chromosomes during prophase I is important for proper alignment and separation of the homologous chromosomes during subsequent...

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a)When silver nitrate comes in contact with skin, it is reduced to white color metallic silver.In most cases, a black stain appears due to formation of finely divided silver which has black color.

The black color is due to the decomposition of the Ag+ ion into Ag, silver. Silver nitrate will slowly decompose with the silver ion reverting to elemental silver. The microscopic particles of silver are so small that they absorb light instead of reflecting it, and so appear black, instead of silver....

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तपाईंको जीवनमा सामाजिक अधययनले के कसता सकारातमक परभाव परेका छन , बुँदागत रुपमा  लेखनुहोस I

सामाजिक अधययनले मेरो जीवनका पारेका सकारातमक अधययन निमनाअनुसार बुँदागत  रुपमा परसतुत गरेको छु :

1. मैले संविधान वयवसथा गरेको हक, अधिकार, करतवय, दायितव आदि बारे बुझन पाएको छु I

2. मैले करतवयपरायणताको भाव बोध गरेको छु I

3. समाजका रीतिरिवाज, संसकार, परमपरा आदिको अधययनबाट फरक परिवेशमा समेत समावेशन हुन सकने    सिपको विकास गरेको छु I 

4. राषटरिय समपदाको संरकषण र देशको पृषठभूमिपरति पुरखाले...

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