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Materials show varying behaviors based on their Poisson's ratio. High Poisson's ratio materials (near 0.5) contract significantly sideways when stretched and expand when compressed, seen in substances like rubber. Low Poisson's ratio materials (near 0) undergo minimal width change during axial deformation, typical of metals and common engineering materials.

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Aksionov is the protagonist of the story "god sees the truth but waits" written by Leo Tolstoy. He is a young merchant. He is a handsome, fair-haired, curly-headed fellow, full of fun and very fond of singing. He used to drink much before marriage but later on, he changed himself and became a good man. He had virtuous qualities such as faith, forgiveness, freedom, and acceptance. His comfortable life is disrupted when he is framed for a murder he didn't commit and was sent to a...

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Well, the propagation of light is fundamentally due to oscillation of electric field and magnetic field perpendicularly, which allows the light waves to propagate in the direction perpendicular to both the existing fields, i.e. light waves propagation solely depends on these fields.

But, sound waves are non other than the transference of energy due to disturbance, as well the propagation of sound wave has already been found to be adiabatic in nature, and through the adiabatic equation,...

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Happy Mother's Day, sir.

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