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Silver nitrate on heating decomposes to give the free metal (silver) as the solid residue.

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Bib Ach 3 months ago
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The two vectors (say A and B) of different magnitudes cannot be combined to give zero resultant since minimum value of combination is ІA-BІ which is not zero if AB.

The three vectors A, B and C of different magnitudes can be zero such that they form a closed triangle, then,


or, C=-(A+B)

Hence, the sum of three vectors may be zero if vector sum of any two vectors is equal and opposite to the third vector.

Note: The vectors can give this result only if...

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Suicidal bag also known as lysosome is a cell organelle which are sphere shaped sacs filled with hydrolytic enzymes that have the capability to break down many types of biomolecules including the useful cells and materials that can derail the functioning of the cell . It mostly occurs in ageing, dead and diseased cells.

Lysosome is called as suicidal bag because it helps in the self-destruction of its cell, tissue or organs by releasing the lysosomal enzymes caused by rupturing of their...

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