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The difference between Gram atomic  mass and Gram atomic molecular are given below:

Gram atomic mass

Gram molecular mass

1.The mass of 6.023 x 1023 atoms of one mole atom of any element when expressed in terms of grams is called gram atomic mass.

1.The mass of 6.023 x 1023 molecules or 1 mole molecule of any substance expressed in grams is called gram molecular mass.

2.It is used to calculate the mass of an atom.2. It is used to calculate the mass of a molecule/molecular compound.
3. It is...
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Bib Ach 7 months ago
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Ashok Shah 15 days ago

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Let's start from where we left from part 3!!
After fighting with the changes we finally were back on track, we earned our love back again!!

We again started to live the best days of ours, we were again creating...

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