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conceptualizing the truth,in hegel's term. A lot of philosophers(like descartes' three kinds of ideas) in his time (and a lot of mindfulness practitioners these days)believed a higher form of truth(or knowledge) exists which cannot be articulated but is to be intuited and felt.Hegel didnt consider this to be scientific.you can never know if your intuition is true or its just you making the stuff up.

Himal Joon
Shortwave radio is used for broadcasting of voice and music, and long-distance communication to ships and aircraft, or to remote areas out of reach of wired communication or other radio services and that’s why it is more energetic than long waves. Shortwave radio is radio communication using the upper MF (medium frequency) and all of the HF (high frequency) portion of the radio spectrum, between 1,800–30,000 kHz. Shortwave radio received its name because the wavelengths in this band are...
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Sigma bond is formed due to the overlapping of orbitals along their intermolecular axis. This leads to the effective overlapping and high electron density along intermolecular axis.

On the other hand, a pi bond is formed due to the sideways overlapping of orbitals. This side-ways overlap is partial and results in low electron density in intermolecular axis.

This is why, a sigma bond is stronger than pi bond.

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Hello Subash!

Here is the solution for the question you are asking for, I solved it in procedural way but if you are among the one who prefer OOP style then you can still ask it for me cause I have solved it from both methods but here I am just going to leave procedural one....

//author:Manish Acharya

import java.util.Scanner;

import java.util.*;

public class idgenerator {

public static void main(String[] args) {

String small_name="", long_name="", new_small_name="", new_long_name="";

char lr='a',...

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