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Our mission is to help the students around the country share and seek the learning helps from the friends and enable their academic success and journey to betterment.

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With the powerful search feature of Mattrab, everything you need is right at your fingertips. And yes, whenever you have questions, don't ask your Ma'am, ask Mattrab!

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Mattrab also facilitates the registered user for creating their own resources. This will definitely sharpen your ability and increase your reputation. Join Mattrab Creator Community today!

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Rabin Kalikote

78 Followers • 29 Notes

I am extremely delighted to anounce the founding of Mattrab.
Welcome to Mattrab Creative Community!
I believe that every student has ability to understand everything and make other understand. So, why not we actually share what we have understood and help eachother towards the success.
Here at mattrab, anybody can create their own notes/resources, explore and sharpen their ability and help many others around simultaneously.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to my reverent sir Matt Bubbernak who helped me during all the process of engineering, developing and deploying Mattrab.
Good luck everyone! Create, explore and share!

Rabin K. Kalikote Founder and President of Mattrab/Community.