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Truth? why bother?!

truth.a word that has troubled philosophers, monks, and sages for a long time.what is truth? how do we achieve truth? where is it at? questions upon questions we have asked so many of them but we still are not cognizant of these truth questions we might want to pause and ask ourselves, why truth? why do we need to know about the truth? why can't we accept a more convenient alternative like "untruth" or ignorance? what is it inside us that wants to know the truth so bad? we haven't asked these questions before and it's almost as in doing so the truth wants us to ask these questions like a woman who has become bored of clumsy philosophers and their urgency to get answers, both of which is ineffective for winning a woman's heart.

we ask truth questions as if it's our innate will to know the truth. we don't have an innate inner desire to know the truth, what we have inside is a set of drives constantly trying to overpower the other.the one that is triumphant can manifest itself outside.then it's plausible to say that we don't have a "will to truth" but a "will to power". The desire for human drives to exert dominance. not desiring for truth but wanting the truth to be the case they desire. so a perspective is necessary for happening of truth. no eye sees from nowhere.any understanding is a truth covered from some perspective. the philosopher is naive on his view of the world.his philosophy is based on his instinctive drive.behind all his post and sophisticated philosophy what exists is his ass(donkey).his beast of burden which carries his unshakeable beliefs.behind all his expositions there must exist a gallant ass he is very proud to have.

untruth and falsity are not unessential to us. we strive to establish truth as the way of our life but in doing so we are falsifying life to comfort ourselves from what we reckon not true.we describe things for our convenience. sound for humans is our ability to hear but the same sound is different for a bat, a dolphin, or other animals.it can be argued that we can define sound in terms of physics but physics is still a concept excogitated by the human mind. even the concept of "thing" itself is for our convenience because if energy connects us all at some level then its possible that all things exist as unity and there are no separate things

when we learn to discerp and analyze our treasured concepts and values like this, we will be able to progress.we will be able to go beyond truths and falsities, rise from our dogmatism and see things from the god's eyes.

Further reading : "Beyond good and evil"- Friedrich Nietsche 

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