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My take on Reality: Shower Thoughts #01

You wake up. Brush your teeth and have breakfast. Binge watch TV and/or something productive? Eat some food on the way and then hit the sack. You wake up. Seems pretty real. This is as real as real can be. After all we do this in daily basis. Daily is 'real'. 

What is 'real'? When does something become 'real' and when 'imaginary'? Can we tell reality from fantasy? How are some photographs 'real' and some digitally-edited not? At what point does 'real' become imaginary? Is there a point at which reality and fantasy co-exist? Why does everybody keep telling me that my little panda best-friend is not real? All these questions may not make sense but they sure are not imaginary. Imaginary is not 'real'.

I am 'real'. How can I tell? You can't see me or feel my presence. But you are reading my work. I have parents who remind me I am real by talking to me. But many people talk to hallucinations. Am I a hallucination? I am talking to you right now. Are you an ultra-hallucination? What does that make your observers, your parents? The cycle of reality goes on. 

I know that "gain-abs-in-1-week" is not 'real'. It is fake. Fake means imaginary. My dreams are imaginary. I dream about having abs. But abs are real. You can touch them and feel how hard and nice they are. But you can't really touch anything. There will be always a microscopic gap due to natural forces. Forces are real. They make the universe go. Universe is full of people with abs. People who may be real or may be hallucinations. I bet my money on hallucinations because imagining is easier than working out. So that means the universe is a hallucination.   But am I not real?

 That means I and only I am real. I can really   only know that fact for sure. I can really only   experience myself. My dreams, ambitions,   past and present are with me and nobody   else. Why waste time impressing the   fantasies? They are what they are. They are what the 'real' imagine them to be. What I imagine them to be.

A quote from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' to conclude: 

        "It is not about living forever, [Jackie]. The trick is living with yourself forever."

So go out there and live at this moment. Because 'you' and 'now' are the only real, nothing else.

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