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Why do we make so many excuses? Why do we condemn ourselves to live a life we do not like? Why are we only wanting comfort in our life?  

Teenagers especially have this habit of making excuses and it's because that's an easy way of letting things go. You'll not know when your excuses become the main reason of your failure. Before even trying you have an excuse and that's why your life has been changing in a way you've never expected.

We limit ourselves and sabotage our own dreams, goals and desires by making excuses. Our own excuses create barriers between us and our dreams, pushing away from us everything we have always wanted. Therefore, if we want to make our dreams come true, we must begin by leaving the habit of making excuses.

I suggest you to take risks in your life ; calculated risks that'll make your life worth living. Don't wait for ' One Day ' make today 'Day One ' .Yes, it's difficult I know but not impossible my friend. Today when you try to raise yourself up from the zero level reaching one would be the most difficult because after that your foot steps will be in the right place and you'll have a path to follow. Take the initiation " NOW "


Trust me when I say:

Excuses make life easy but not worth living.


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