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                                Most Important Prepositions for SAT Writing

On exploring the SAT grammar books, you may be flooded with about 110 different combinations of verbs and prepositions. All of those are a headache, especially if you are revising a day before the exam. I chose a different approach which worked for me in the test and I did not miss any preposition problem in the test. By test , I mean the real test and not the practice tests. I noted my mistakes from the practice test in a copy. I did the same when I was solving grammar books and Khan academy. This way I had narrowed hundreds to very important 30 combinations which I used for final revision.

1. Suitable for + v4 (eg It is suitable for climbing walls)

2. confident in, succeed (in/at being), interested in, 'ness' suffix takes in

3. shocked/surprised/stunned by, obscured by

4. Be curious about, Be particular about, worry/wonder about, anxious about, bring about

5. Refrain from, set out/about

6. confer on, focus on, reflect on, insist on, impose on

7. Critical to, central to, Relate to, expected to

8. contrast with, correlate with, In consistent with, In contrast to

9. Devoid of, certain of, suspicious of

10.accompanied by

11.famous for, strive for, abstain from, inquire into

General Rules and remembering techniques

1. IF there is "ness" suffix attached to the article, the most probable answer is "in" (eg. Effectiveness in )

2. If there is difficulty to remember the combinations in glances, repeat them 10­ / 20 times verbally or if you can use them in sentences, use them and talk to someone or something

3. My strong suggestion is to know how they are used in sentences and practice it with someone or something( preferably a wall eg. Wall, I am curious about you.) 4. If a preposition, gerund, or infinitive is underlined, check for idiom errors.

Practice Problems:(Answers are given at the end)

1. Even though she was expected doing all of the domestic labor, Anusha was unwilling to conform to traditional gender roles.


B. to do

C. at

D. having done

2. Although visiting relatives in another city can be fun, you must be careful not to impose on their hospitality for too long, lest you become a burden.


B. impose to

C. impose for

D. impose around

3. Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated for one of humanity's foremost geniuses: his creative insights into painting, anatomy, and mechanical design can stun a contemporary audience even five centuries after his death.


B. celebrated within

C. celebrated as

D. celebrated upon

4. "Asymmetrical warfare" is another name for guerrilla­style tactics, when a smaller force must engage a much larger force to battle.


B. force for

C. force in

D. force with

5. Diligent research performed by education scholars indicates that more time spent studying correlates with better educational outcomes.


B. of

C. with

D. Delete the underlined portion







Basic sentences for most important prepositions ( just for practice)

1. She would have to buy some clothes suitable for climbing in the hills.

2. Ramlal insists on being annoying.

3. Shyamlal tends to be worrisome.

4. We can bring about a change in the Nepali political system

5. KP oli abstained from voting on a bill in the parliament

6. He will refrain from planting

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