10 Science -- Force

A body of mass 1 kg is attracted by the earth with a force which is equal to

The value of 'g'

The ball is thrown up, the value of 'g' will be

The gravitational force causes

If a body mass is 40 kg on the moon, how much will that body weigh on earth?

Newton's law of gravitation applies to

The gravitational force between two objects is F. If the masses of both the objects are halved without altering the distance between them, then the gravitational force would become

The earth attracts the moon with the gravitational force of 1020N. The moon attracts earth with a force of 

The distance between the two bodies become 6 times more than the usual distance. Then the F becomes

A stone is released from the top of a tower of height 19.6 m. Then its final velocity just before touching the ground will be

A boy is whirling a stone tied to a string in a horizontal circular path. If the string breaks, the stone

Law of gravitation gives the gravitational force between 

The force of attraction between two unit point masses separated by a unit distance is called

The weight of an object at the centre of the earth of radius R is

The acceleration due to gravity on the earth depends on

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