33 Science -- Force

Define the following terms:a. Universal gravitational constant.b. Gravitation field.c. Acceleration due to gravity.d. Freefall.e. Weightlessness.

Define the following terms:

a. Universal gravitational constant.
b. Gravitation field.
c. Acceleration due to gravity.
d. Freefall.
e. Weightlessness.

a. Universal gravitational constant:
G is defined as the force of attraction between two bodies of mass 1 kg each kept at a distance of 1 m apart from their centers.

b. Gravitational field:
The gravitational field is the field around any body or heavenly body where the force of attraction by that body is experienced.

c. Acceleration due to gravity:
Acceleration produced on a freely falling body due to the influence of gravity is called acceleration due to gravity.

d. Freefall:
When a body is falling freely under the effect of gravity only, it is called freefall.

e. Weightlessness:
When any body is falling freely, the weight of the body becomes zero which is called weightlessness.

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