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Launching Mattrab feed — Mattrab Community.

Launching Mattrab feed — Mattrab Community.

This is the video about the launch of Mattrab feed. Mattrab now has the personalized feed for each user and the global feed for one who uses Mattrab without being registered. You can track the activities of your followers and following and progress academically simultaneously.

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Mattrab is an interactive web application where students from school and high-school can create, share, and learn from the notes, ask questions and answer them, involve in the community, and so on.

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Sushil Bhandari asked over 1 year ago

But why are these feeds so fakelike. You know it says someone updated a note some hours ago but when we open it, it actually was updated months back.

Rabin Kalikote answered over 1 year ago

Yes, there was a loophole in the algorithm. It is fixed now.