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the symbols used in the story are:

  1. house and shops- it symbolizes Aksionov's family and material possessions
  2. nightmare-it symbolizes a bad omen.
  3. blood-stained knife- it indicates Aksionov's lack of control over his fate.
  4. the prison- Aksionov's pain and subsequent mystical transformation are symbolized by the prison.
  5. the book(the lives of the saints)- gives an impression of religiosity.
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In mitosis, the prophase is further understood by dividing it into the given sub-stages:

1.Leptotene :

In this stage the nucleus enlarges in size in the chromosome. The chromosomes appear thin, thread-like and single-stranded in this stage. They have swollen or beaded structures along their length and their ends appear converged towards one side of the nucleus called bouquet.


In this stage, the identical chromosomes come together and form bivalent or homologous pairs. Further, ...

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Log2aa=x    then, a=(2a) ......(1)

Log3a2a=y    then,2a=(3a)y ......(2)

Log4a 3a=z  then, 3a=(4a)z ......(3)


a=(2a)x  [from (1)]

Or, a=(3a)xy    [from(2)]

Or, a=(4a)xyz     [from(3)]

Multiplying both sides by 4a,


Or,(2a)² =(4a)xyz + 1 

Or,(3a)2y =(4a)xyz+1 

Or,(4a)2yz =(4a)xyz+1 

Or, 2yz = xyz+1 .proved.

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The order of magnitude of a physical quantity is its magnitude in powers of ten when the physical quantity is expressed in powers of ten with one digit to the left of the decimal.

Orders of magnitude are generally used to make very approximate comparisons and reflect very large differences.

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