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According to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, it is impossible to determine the exact spin of an electron at any given moment. The Uncertainty Principle states that the more precisely we know the position of a particle, the less precisely we can know its momentum, and vice versa. Spin is a form of intrinsic angular momentum, which means it does not correspond to any specific position in space, and therefore cannot be measured precisely at the same time as its position.

However, while we...

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a)When silver nitrate comes in contact with skin, it is reduced to white color metallic silver.In most cases, a black stain appears due to formation of finely divided silver which has black color.

The black color is due to the decomposition of the Ag+ ion into Ag, silver. Silver nitrate will slowly decompose with the silver ion reverting to elemental silver. The microscopic particles of silver are so small that they absorb light instead of reflecting it, and so appear black, instead of silver....

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दाङ, नेपाल।

वरषीय सुशील भणडारीले आफनै गाउँमा सफलतापूरवक
सवचालित कार बनाएका छन ।दिएको जानकारी अनुसार
कारमा सुशीलले समाचार अधिकारीहरूलाई अनय कचचा
पदारथ जसता उपलबधयसको कषमता लगभग 15-20 किमी
/ घणटा छ। यो परियोजनाले उनलाई करिब रु.95,000
अवधि-चार महिना; भणडारी भनछन, ‘ किनन सकने गरी थप गरन
सकौं कम मूलयमा।”

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