21 Chemistry -- Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Molecules

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Definition and Characteristics of Hybridization


Hybridization simply is the intermixing of atomic orbitals.

In other words, the process of mixing of orbitals of an atom of nearly equal energy giving rise to entirely new orbitals equal to in number to the mixing orbitals and having identical shape and same energy is called hybridization.


  1. The number of hybrid orbital formed is equal to the number of initial intermixing orbitals.

  2. The hybrid orbitals don't have pure property.

  3. The hybrid orbitals are equivalent in shape and energy but different from the the mixing atomic orbitals.

  4. Both half filled and fill filled orbitals can take part in hybridization.

  5. The orbitals taking part in hybridization must have same or similar energy.

These are the characteristics of hybridization.


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