22 Biology -- Frog

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Very Short Questions for Biology/FROG Part 2


1. What is voice sac? 

Ans: Voice sac is a flexible air-filled membrane in male frog which amplifies sound, during the mating call.

2.  What are the muscles involved in pulmonary respiration?

Ans: The muscles involved in pulmonary respiration are sternohyal and pterohyal muscles.

3. What is corpora adipose?

Ans: The anterior end of each testes has a branched yellowish stuctures known as corpora adipose.

4. What is amplexus?

Ans: Amplexus is the matting position of frogs and toads, in which male clasps female from the back. 

5. What is cloacal chamber?

Ans: Cloacal chamber is a median sac that opens outside through cloacal aperature.

6. What is nuptial pad?

Ans: Frog contains a pad like structure at the base of each first finger of fore limb which is used in copulation to grip females securely. This is pad is known as nuptial pad.

7.  Why do male frogs croak?

Ans: The male frogs croak to attract females for breeding.


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