22 Biology -- Frog

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Very Short Questions for Biology/FROG Part 1



1. What is hibernation and aestivation?

Ans: Hibernation is spending winter in close quarters in a dormant condition whereas Aestivation is spending summer in closed quarters in a dormant condition.

2. What is peristalsis?

Ans: Peristalsis is a series of wave-like muscle contraction and relaxation that moves food to different processing stations in the digestive tract.

3. What is the function of teeth in frog?

Ans: The main function of frog’s teeth is prey-oriented, specifically to grab the food.

4. Define portal system.

Ans: The set of veins which collect blood from one organ and discharge it into another are portal veins and the system consisting of the veins doing this is portal system.

5. What is cutaneous respiration?

Ans: The respiration in organisms due to their moist skin is known as cutaneous respiration.

6. What is proteolytic enzyme?

Ans:They are any of a group of enzymes that break the long chain like molecules of protein in shorter fragments and eventually to amino acids.

7. What do you mean by sexual dimorphism?

Ans: Sexual dimorphism is the condition where two sexes of same species exibit different characteristics beyond their differences in their sexual organs.



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