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Botanical Garden

It is a place where wild plants species are grown along with varieties of cultivated flowers and herbs. It may have greenhouse to grow tropical plants or exotic plants. It is usually established by the government or university or private. It may have herbarium where collections of plants from different areas of the country are preserved in dry pressed forms. Kew Royal Botanical  Garden is the oldest (established in 1840 AD) and largest botanical garden in London. It consists of more than 30,000 different species of plants. One of the recognized botanical gardens in Nepal is National Botanical Garden Godawari,  Lalitpur where wild tree species, herbs shrubs, orchids, cacti,  succulents, ferns ornamental plants are grown. It consists of greenhouses, herbarium and tissue culture laboratory.Benefitsi. It is a center for scientific research especially for plant taxonomists.ii. It displays diversity of plants species including cultivated plants.iii. It is a source of income because people visit it for refreshment and peace environment.iv. Greenhouse grows plants of different climates so varieties of plants including exotic species can be observed.v. Herbarium contains samples of many plants can be studied.

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