12 Biology -- Plant Anatomy

The lignification of cell wall for mechanical function is character of 

Companion cells are associated with 

Interfascicular cambium is situated 

Grafting is not possible in monocots because they 

Bicollateral bundles are found in 

Tissue, present only in dicot is 

Adventitious roots in a dicot stem originate from 

Which tissue is called starch sheath?

Secondary growth occurs due to 

The cambium, which produces cork is known as 

Xylem is exarch in 

Annual rings are distinct in the plants growing in 

Apical meristem of fern shoot apex consists of 

Growth rings in dicot stem are formed due to activity 

Which of the following monocot shows secondary growth? 

In which of the following there is no differentiation of bark, sapwood and heartwood? 

In hollow hearted plant 

The cross section of trunk of tree shows 50 annual rings, the age of tree is 

Intercalary meristem results in 

Healing of wound in plant takes place by activity of 

'Stele' includes 

Secondary growth is shown by:

Vascular bundles in dicot stem are:

Casparian strips are found in:

Cortex and pith are not differentiated in case of:

Study of annual rings of trees is called:

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