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  2. I knew you are gonna ask this. ;) So, here is the answer for you.

    The short answer is: some programmers have and some don't.
    It's nothing related to what you do about having girlfriends or friends. It's related to how you do.

    If you have a good heart and good communication skills to express your heart, you can win friends.
    If you are ready to listen, share and engage, people will love being your friends.
    And if she is a girl, she is your girlfriend. ;)

    Here is what Dr. Mahabir Pun says. Hehe!

  3. 1. Log In to your college gmail account, i.e., 02*neb***@sxc.edu.np .

    2. Go to your work profile gmail app on mobile or gmail.com on PC.
    3. Click on the Spaces Icon shown in the screenshots below.

    4.Click on the '+' icon or new space button as shown in screenshots below.

    5. Then click on browse spaces as in the screenshots below

    6. Type 'Mattrab Community-SXC' in the search bar and click on the '+' icon.

    7. Now you have joined the space and you can now navigate to the space by just following steps 3 and 4 and click on the name of the space, i.e., 'Mattrab Community-SXC'.

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