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Hi from Mattrab Community — Mattrab's Intro

Hi from Mattrab Community — Mattrab's Intro

This is the Intro Video of Mattrab and Mattrab Community.


Mattrab is an interactive web application where students from school and high-school can create, share, and learn from the notes, ask questions and answer them, involve in the community, and so on.

Theme: Bridging the gap among Education Quality in Nepal.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help the students around the country share and seek the learning helps from friends and enable their academic success and journey to betterment.

How is Mattrab making this possible?

Mattrab lets students Search, explore & learn.

With the powerful search feature of Mattrab, everything students need is right at their fingertips. And yes, whenever students have questions they can easily ask Mattrab and get the solution.

Mattrab lets students Create & Share resources.

Mattrab also facilitates the registered user for creating their own resources. This will definitely sharpen their ability and increase their reputation.

Mattrab lets students See their friends' footsteps.

They can look around Mattrab Community and see what their friends are doing. They can invest their time improving themselves and lead the Community around.

Mattrab has enables the students around the country to join the creative Mattrab Community and help each other so the gap between the quality of education can be bridged.

Mattrab has the admin verification system which moderates the quality of educational resources and the behavior of students in the Community.

More about Ask Mattrab:

About: https://www.askmattrab.com/about
Faqs: https://www.askmattrab.com/faqs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattrabcommunity
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mattrabcommunity

Voice-over: Joon Shakya

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