My AskMattrab Journey

Once upon a time, not in 1920 but in 2020 when we all of the same age group, more preferably batch mates who were going to appear to SEE of the year “2076” on 6th of Chaitra. Everything was set, at the meantime, corona appeared resulting cancellation of SEE and the most prominent impact was the lockdown.

Now people started getting virtual, too who always hated digital media got so involved in them. We started preparing for +2 entrance via different online educational formats. We formed different groups and started online discussion sessions. And here was the time when I got introduced to AskMattrab. One of my online friends told me about it.

During those days Mattrab was like taking mock tests for the entrance preparation for the future Xaverians. Then I too wanted to join the AskMattrab and did join as a member “411” on 9th July 2020. So my journey of AskMattrab began on the same day. I was not that active on this platform during those days. Then after I started my +2 studies and after a few months, one of my very close friends from St. Xavier college told me about the application opened by AskMattrab for recruitment in a different post.

As still those were days of lockdown and I had got a new laptop recently. I immediately approached the form and applied for the creator. They took my interview and I still remember Ishan Dai and Raunak dai who took my interview it was so interesting where I knew about Matt Sir and Rabin Dai, the creator of AskMattrab. After a few days, I received an email. And on 19th May 2021, I officially became part of AskMattrab as a creator.

Neither I nor anybody had even imagined that I will become a top creator in just a few months and all this became possible due to the efforts of AskMattrab and its creator Rabin Kalikote. We share so many special bonds with each other. We all become a family “the Mattrabians”.

The journey doesn’t end here, it is just the beginning of my journey with AskMattrab.

Thank you so much to every single member of the AskMattrab who became a part of this journey and made it memorable.

I think it's getting quite long, so here I would like to leave a comma to this article and a never-ending punctuation mark to our story,

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