Having heard about the concept/pitch of 'askmattrab' in our high school mathematics class for the first time to now watching a community of learners flourish as Mattrab stands where it is today all the while staying connected, to me, feels like such a long journey that has passed surprisingly quickly.

Joining in as one of the earliest creators on the platform, contributing notes, receiving feedback and giving them, seeing the changes implemented, acting as the content curator, and now as a spectating alumni, I have known a lot of driven people working really hard for what they believe in makes a difference in the world and played my part in it too. I shall be forever indebted to the people who made this experience possible (Central Committee, Teachers, Admins and creators, learners), and in turn how the experience in its full right shaped me into a person focusing on making quality education accessible by leveraging values of sharing, critiquing, creating and implementing changes through feedback.

Looking back, Mattrab, to me, hasn't been only a humbling experience but also a proud accomplishment.

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Navneet Singh


A jack of all trades, master of none. I love learning, and making learning fun to whoever I have the fortune of sharing. In no particular order, my interests range from sports to gaming, puzzles and speedcubing, art and music, photography, listening to people (especially kids and the elderly), spreading positivity, skygazing/stargazing, cycling, wondering and wandering, and many many more! Here at Mattrab, I am passionate in making learning qualitative and accessible to all.

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