What is the roadmap from learner to creator or even admin?
What are the special facilities that the creator and admin get besides creating notes?
Is the traffic on mattrab increasing or is it decreasing?
How are the present creators on mattrab selected ( because I see creators with 0 notes )?
Hoping for the answer from Mattrab creator...............

Recently we're working to degrade accounts with 0 contributions from creator to learner. If you're a learner and very keen to be a creator, you must keep posting interesting questions and contact to admins from the Facebook Group of Mattrab Community. For being an admin, you must be in grade 12, either completed or recently enrolled, your notes, and all your records and contributions will be verified for that

Besides creating notes, creators and admins get certificates of appreciation and when you create notes in your library, you can share its link and the certificate to your resume and build up  your impression.

The traffic on Mattrab is regularly increasing, we started from creators, admins and learners from inside the St. Xavier's College, Maitighar only for classes 11 and 12 of Science faculty. But now our creators and learners are from all over the country and from classes 8 to 12 and from both Science and Management faculty.

No it is not necessary to be in Science faculty but being in class 12 for at least is necessary.

What about the rest two questions?
And is it necessary to complete class 12 in science faculty for being an admin?