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Scope and Importance of Chemistry

 Scope of Chemistry

↪ It is determined by the extent up to which properties, structures and application of different matters are investigated for learning.
↪ New thoughts are sought day by day and the field of learning chemistry is expanded.
↪ Being the scope vast and diverse, chemistry is studied by classifying it into different branches as:
     ⇒ Physical Chemistry
     ⇒ Inorganic Chemistry
     ⇒ Organic Chemistry
     ⇒ Biochemistry
     ⇒ Environmental Chemistry
     ⇒ Industrial and applied Chemistry
     ⇒ Analytical Chemistry, etc.

⁕ Importance of chemistry

Life is made of chemicals and without chemicals we can't breathe, eat and show activity in society.
↪ It means to say chemistry has contributed much to improve the life of human beings.
↪ In fact science shapes life, it has offered services through:
     ⇒ production of many commodities such as papers, glass, cements, oils, etc.
     ⇒ synthesis of camphor, cocaine, plant pigments and red coloring matter of blood, etc.
     ⇒ development of other sciences such as physiology, geology and agriculture.
     ⇒ examination of crimes and frauds and limiting improper exploitation of chemical                       discoveries.
     ⇒ invention and production of medicines, high explosives, rocket fuels, poison gases.
↪ The science of chemistry goes a great way to build a sound national economy by proper utilization of natural resources of a country which now form the integral parts of modern life.