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Language of Chemistry

General Introduction of Chemistry

↪ Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with the properties, composition and transformation of matter.
↪ It is a science where chemists put their views on systematic organization and explanation of facts observed by experiments to all kinds of matter.
↪ Chemistry begins with the knowledge of common elements and compounds. 
It deals with the study of composition and properties of matter and also physical and chemical interaction which may take place among matters.
↪ "Antoine Lavoisier" is considered as the father of 'Modern Chemistry'.

Introduction to Matter

↪ Anything that occupies space, possess mass, offers resistance and can be felt by one or more of our sense organs is called matter.
↪ Air, water, soil, rock, wood, glass, iron, etc. are few familiar forms of metals.
↪ Physically as solid, liquid and gas.
↪ Chemically as pure and impure substances.

⁕ Pure Substance

↪ A pure substance is homogeneous matter and it has definite composition which doesn't change with time and distributes uniformly throughout its bulk.
↪ Elements: metals, non-metals and metalloids and also Compounds: such as organic and inorganic compounds are pure substances.

⁕ Impure Substance
↪ An impure substance is a mixture of two or more than two pure substances.
↪ It may be homogeneous or heterogeneous.
↪ A mixture of NaCl and sand is an impure substance.

⁕ Classification of Matter

Introduction to Scientific Law and Theory

↪ Rapid advancement of chemical science is based on discovery of different scientific laws and theories.

⁕ Scientific Law
↪ Statement of results obtained by experiments.
↪ It can say what happens but it can't answer why does it happen.

⁕ Hypothesis
↪ By comparison of different laws, sometimes it may inspire to guess other relationships.
↪ Such relations are called hypothesis.

⁕ Theory
↪ A proposed model introduced to establish  a relationship between hypothetical causes and experimental observations.
↪ Scientists propose theory by introducing set of hypothesis to explain, the cause of observed results.

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