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Have you ever become aware about the dream that you were dreaming while still being in that dream? Then that means you just experienced a lucid dream.During this period you might also have been able to control some parts of your dream like summon up some demons to fight or have sex with someone you used to fantasize with in real life.

It's a really cool thing to experience.You can basically have god like powers when you lucid dream.And since everyone is bored in this lock-down with nothing to do than watch movies and sleep all day.This lucid dreaming concept make your life more exciting.Once you know to lucid dream you can basically do anything you want.


 The science behind normal dreaming and lucid dreaming is pretty much the same.So, the question arises why people have dreams at the first place.The reason why people dream is still not exactly known.But over the years researches have come up with different theories regarding as to why people dream.

Some researchers think that dreaming is a technique developed by the brain to make us ready to face new threats as people generally have dreams related with negative emotions.While some think it is the consequence of the activated state of  the brain in REM sleep.While some say dreaming is a way for the brain to build memories and strengthen connections within the brain.


Well, getting back to the subject matter Lucid Dreaming occurs in the deepest REM period of our sleep. And yes there are different stages in our sleeping.The picture below might help

you understand it. 


 You can look at this wonderful article where it describes about the different stages of sleep and also lucid dreaming(sleep stages and lucid dreams)

Lucid dreaming and dream in general occurs during the REM(Rapid Eye Movement)period of our sleep cycle.Here,the brain stem instructs the nerves throughout the body to relax the muscles and our temperature as well as blood pressure also decreases.Researches say that part of the brain responsible for lucid dreaming is the same part responsible for our logic.Whether you have a normal dream or a lucid dream is due to two reasons:duration of your REM  period and intensity of brain activity.


Below I will list some of the ways as to which lucid dreaming can be done.Yes, you can induce lucid dreaming intentionally.

1.Keeping a dream journal: It's pretty straight-forward. You need to write about your dreams in a journal(a small copy).Writing everyday about your dreams is pretty fun too.I know some of you have not written(In a copy) in a while so this could be a wonderful way to resume the act of writing.This method also helps you to recognize recurring patterns in your dream.

2.Doing reality checks: In this method you basically have to perform certain acts to make certain you are dreaming.(Just like in the movie "Inception" if you haven't watched that movie go watch it!!)This technique kinda seems weird at first.But by doing this it instructs your mind whether it is dreaming or not.

3.Waking back to sleep:This method includes waking just before your deepest REM cycle. For most people it is generally 2 hours before your waking time in the morning.For example : Let's say you sleep from 11 to 7,so waking up at around 430 just before your deep REM period and instantly going back to sleep without being conscious for too long can help in lucid dreaming.You should go back to sleep instantly without regaining much consciousness otherwise this method wont work.

4.MILD Technique(Mnemonic Induction Of Lucid Dreaming):This process basically reminding yourself that you WILL lucid dream tonight.You have to constantly keep on reminding your brain throughout the day for this method to work.Forcing yourself in short.


Lucid Dreaming increases your creativity. In fact many great artists and thinkers like Benjamin Franklin ,Marry Shelley have purposefully set themselves to lucid dream to help them in their work.Because to be honest there are very limited things one can do in the real world but in the world of dreams you can do anything you wish.It also helps to deal with emotional issues.You could bully your bully in your dream! You name it you will get it.

Some videos related to lucid dreaming:



Thanks for reading.Cheers!!

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