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3. Reporting Questions


I want you to know that before we start this chapter off , it is of utmost importance that you know what direct and indirect speech is. So, I urge you to check out my previous note right here

Now, If you are already familiar with direct and indirect speech, I can assure you that you've finished 90% of this chapter. 

 Now, for the introduction  :   

Reporting questions is basically the act of expressing questions that people asked in the past. Either saying exactly what was said ( direct speech ) or using your own words to say it.( Indirect Speech )
This concept can be better understood through examples : 

     Rules for converting Direct questions into Indirect Questions :    

  • The reporting verb said/says is changed to asked/asks.

  • If reporting speech has verb at it's start then " if " is used in place of " that ".

  • If the reporting speech has interrogative words like who, when, why, how, then neither if  is used nor any other word is added.

  • A period is placed at the end instead of question mark.

    More Examples : 

    • Anupam says, "where do you live? "
      Anupam asks me where I live.

    • Sanjeeb says, "Can you solve the problem?"
      Sanjeeb asks me if i can solve the problem.

    • Prabin said, "Does Uraashna Love me? "
      Prabin asked if Uraashna loved him.

    • Dinesh said to his friends, "Who went to Muktinath for worshipping the God?"
      Dinesh asked his friends if any of them went to Muktinath for worshipping the god.

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