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2. Reporting Statements

Before we start this chapter off, I want you to know that this chapter is literally related to "direct and indirect speech". 

Reporting is basically the act of giving a spoken or written account of something that one has observed.

Now if you know about direct and indirect speech, it is used to describe an event that has already taken place, and it very often involves repeating what someone else has said.

Since this  chapter is only about reporting "statements" I will be giving examples using "statements" rather than questions or orders. 

---- Direct Speech ----

Direct speech is simply just repeating what the other person said in it's original form... for eg.

  • Rabin said "I am happy to have you here"

  • Uraashna said "I want to play"

  • Raunak says "It's great that this group has more girls."

It is very often enclosed in double quotation marks.

---- Indirect Speech ----

Indirect speech is way of reporting what someone said in the past using your own words instead of what was originally used. eg :

  • She said that she wanted to dance.

  • You said you wanted to go on a date.

  • Rabi sir said math is is favorite subject.

---- Key terms ----
Using the example : Uraashna said  "I want to play" , below are some terms that separate the sentence into different parts :

Reporting speech : It's the first part of the speech. ( Uraashna said )
Reported speech : the second part enclosed in quotation marks : ( I want to play )
Reporting verb :
This of course, is the verb of the reporting speech. ( said )
Reported verb :
And lastly, this is the verb in the reported speech. ( play )

___ Changes in Pronouns ___      
First - Person Pronouns : Always changed according to the subject in reported speech.
Second - Person Pronouns : Always changed according to the object in reported speech.
Third - Person Pronouns : Not changed at all.

More Examples : 

  • "I overslept this morning."
    Sankalpa said that he overslept this morning.

  • She says "The earth moves round the sun."
    She says that the earth moves round the sun.

  • "John had an accident."
    He said that john had an accident.

  • Anu said "I enjoyed myself last night."
    Anu said that she enjoyed herself last night.

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