Since, I don't have any past experience with theatre, I want to recall one of my favorite pastime. I will take you to my childhood when I was in my village in Nepal.

In our corn field, my grandfather used to plough the land with oxes. I used to be fascinated by watching him and had great desire to plough the land. However, the oxes were too big for me to control. I wouldn't be able to even raise and move the plough that my granny used. On the other hand, my desire was encouraging me to do anything to feel that experience.

So, one day, I made a small version of wooden plough. I was approximately one tenth of the big size. Then I had to find my oxes. I couldn't make the wooden oxes because they had to move. I found a perfect fit. My cat. It was perfect. So, I tied a rope around it's neck and connected my plough on it. However, as soon as I placed the plough on the ground, my cat ran like a squirrel. Next second I saw him, he was ten meters away and soon he vanished from there.

During that time, I loved crafting my little wooden plough and using it with my cat in the field. Now, I would probably be able to handle those giant oxes but I am not in village anymore.

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Rabin Kalikote


I am a Xavierian and Yote. I love creating web apps. So I have been playing with Ruby on Rails. These days I have been learning a lot. It is my hobby to code and play with the computer. So, I have called myself a friend of Computer.

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