2 Chemistry -- Heavy Metals: Zinc

Elaborate on: a) Galvanizationb) Sherardizing

Elaborate on:

a) Galvanization

b) Sherardizing


The process of thin coating of zinc to the surface of iron sheets to prevent the rusting of iron by opposing the direct contact or iron to the atmosphere or buy forming electrochemical couple.

The galvanization process consists of the three basic steps i.e. surface preparation followed by fluxing and then it undergoes galvanizing. Material is loaded and then immersed in the molten zinc at degrees until the temperature is the same as zinc.

b) Sherardizing:

 Sherardizing is the formation of a corrosion-resistant, zinc-iron alloy coating, on the surface of steel or iron.

Objects that have undergone this process have many applications and are commonly used in:

  • Roof support hinge pins in the mining industry

  • For rubber bonding

  • Rail track Fittings

  • Cable hooks for communication systems

  • Metal fasteners and fittings in construction





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List the uses of Zinc.

The uses of Zinc are:

1. It is used for manufacturing like creating roofing materials or makingzinc oxide.

2. It is used for various purposes ranging from sunscreens to solar cells to nuclear reactors.

3. The metal helps in maintaining the balance of enzymes in the human body.

4. It is used as a white pigment for oil-based paints.

5. Zinc sulfide is used for making fluorescent lights, x-ray screens as well as luminous paints

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