How can you transform your society or nation with INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY?

How can you transform your society or nation with INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY?

Firstly, let's talk about what information technology is. It is generally the use of computer and telecommunication technology to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data such as networking, hardware, software, or the people that work with these technologies.

In today’s scenario Nepal is still lacking the practical use of information technology for accomplishing tasks. The knowledge of information technology can be used in almost all the works to make it furthermore simpler. For example we can use it to accomplish automated farming in an agricultural country in Nepal to make the economical background of the country stronger. It not only saves time and money but the physical labor saved can be used for other developmental activities.

This is just an example but the wide scope does not end yet. It can be used to digitalize the various sectors like medical, educational, commercial sectors, etc. to make them more effective.  Even now we can see the digitalization of various sectors. In Nepal’s scenario we can already see the digitalization in various sectors. Like e-sewa in the digitalization of commercial sector, Meet is also used for conducting online classes, people are also investing in stock market from their homes, the cloud computing has helped in storing the database which has helped to reduce the load of tedious files that had to be stored physically. 

In overall, the knowledge of Information Technology can be used to digitalize the works to transform our society into a digitalized society.

Hope I answered you. :)

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