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What are the biological roles of water?

What are the biological roles of water?

They are:
  1. Water is the universal solvent. It acts as a solvent for many inorganic and organic compounds
  2. Water serves as a good dispersion medium for the colloids of the cells.
  3. Water has low density and viscosity which permits rapid diffusion of molecules in the cytoplasm.
  4. Water is a raw material for photosynthesis
  5. Water is necessary for the germination of seeds and spores.
  6. Water helps in maintaining the constant pH in cells.

Water is a vital substance for life on Earth, and it plays numerous important biological roles in living organisms. Some of the key biological roles of water are:

  1. Universal solvent: Water is an excellent solvent for many substances, both organic and inorganic. This means that it can dissolve and transport a wide range of nutrients and minerals necessary for the growth and survival of living organisms.

  2. Medium for metabolic reactions: Many metabolic reactions in living organisms require water as a medium. For example, photosynthesis in plants, digestion in animals, and respiration in all living organisms require water as a solvent and medium for chemical reactions.

  3. Temperature regulation: Water has a high specific heat capacity, which means it can absorb and store a lot of heat energy without changing temperature. This property makes water an effective coolant, helping to regulate the internal temperature of living organisms.

  4. Lubrication: Water acts as a lubricant in many biological processes, such as the movement of joints and muscles, as well as the transport of materials through cells.

  5. Structural support: Water provides structural support to cells and tissues in plants, as well as helping to maintain the shape and structure of cells and tissues in animals.

  6. Waste removal: Water plays a crucial role in the removal of waste products from living organisms, such as through urine and sweat.

In summary, water is a vital component for life on Earth, and its various biological roles are essential for the growth, development, and survival of living organisms.

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