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How To Be Billionaire?

How To Be Billionaire?

If one could be a billionaire by following a how-to guide step by step, you'd have already come across it by now. 

Well, the how-to "BE" part is simple; own anything that's worth a billion- an idea, an asset, a skill, anything. It is the how-to reach that milestone that is mystic. Carve your own path to it. 

Once you find the secret (IF there is one), share it on Mattrab :P 

Or maybe don't ;) let others find their own path.

Its simple. Just change your name to billionaire and you are a billionaire now on .

Walk like you are the king or walk like  you don't care who is the king

The only person who can help you with this question another billionaire. So, you are suggested to go through into their interviews and act accordingly. Moreover, if you're still not convinced, we highly encourage to work hard on your goals, create your own path, make yourself capable enough to get in any position where you can meet other billionaires. You can then ask them the same question and interview them yourself. Once you're successful in fulfilling your desire please share the guidelines in the Mattrab community since we all share one similar interest with each other and that is MONEY.

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