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Concept of Gram atom and gram mole

 Gram Atomic Mass (g atom)

↪ Atomic mass is simply a number, which does not have any unit of mass.
↪ The atomic mass or simply gram atom is the atomic mass expressed in terms of grams.
↪ Therefore, 1 gram atom of hydrogen weighs 1 gram.
Similarly 1 gram of Oxygen, Sulphur and Sodium weigh 16g, 32g and 23g respectively.

Number of gram atom of element = 

Further, gram atom is denoted as mole of atoms.

 Gram Molecular Mass (g mole)

↪ The molecular mass is a relative term and it is a unit less number.
e.g. molecular mass of H2SO4 = 98.
↪ It means, the weight of 1 molecules of H2SO4 is 98 times heavier than the mass of 1/12th of an atom of C-12 isotope (i.e. 1 amu).
↪ When the molecular mass of substance is expressed in gram, it is called one gram molecular mass or 1 g mole.

For example:
Molecular mass of H2 = 2 amu and 2 g of H2 = 1 g mole of H2
Molecular mass of CO2 = 44 amu and 44 g of CO2 = 1 g mole of CO2

Mathematically, we have
No. of mole = 

Further, g mole is denoted as mole of molecules.