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Giving Advice and Warnings

===Giving Advice===

Giving Advice is to give (someone) a recommendation, guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.

---Example of Asking for Advice---

–Do you think I ought to confront them?
(Do you think I should confront them?)

– Do you think I should buy him for his birthday?
(Do you think I should have bought him for his birthday?)

– Does she have any ideas about how I can improve my presentation?
(Does she have any idea about how I can
improve my presentation?)

– Should I try to talk with him about this matter again?
(Should I try to talk to him about this issue again?)

– If you were me, what would you do in this situation?
(If you were me, what would you do in this situation?)

– If you were in my position, would you help me?
(If you were in my position, would you help me?)

– Do you have any advice for me?
(Do you have any suggestions for me?)

– Can you give her some advice?
(Can you give her advice?)

– Do you have any recommendations about good hotel in Kathmandu?
(Do you have any recommendations on good
hotel in Kathmandu?)

– Can you recommend a suitable place for tonight?
(Can you recommend a suitable place for tonight?)


__Example of Giving Advice__

# To do something

– I think you'd be better...
(I think you'd better...)

– If I were you, I'd...
(If I were you, I would...)

– It would probably be a good idea...
(This would probably be a good idea...)

– Take my advice and...
(Take my advice and ...)

– I advise you to...
(I advise you to ...)

– How about...?
(How about ... ?)

# Not to do something

– I don't think you should...
(I don't think you should...)

– I would not..., If I were you.
(I wouldn't..., if I were you.)

– You'd better not...
(You better not...)


---Examples of Expression of Giving Advice---

– Doctors asked that you take this medicine one time a day.
 Doctors would like you to take this medicine one time a day.

– I ask you not to play football again.
I would like you to give up playing football.

– I propose that you eat more veggies.
I suggest that you eat more

– I propose that your child should not be allowed to play in the river.
I suggest that you don't allow your son to play in the river.

– I suggest that the wound be treated immediately.
I recommend that that wound be treated right away.

– I suggest that you go to the hospital immediately.
I recommend that you go into hospital right away.

– I advise you not to enter the office first.
I recommend that you don't go to work for the time being.


__Giving Advice Dialog Example__

Mom: Rabi, I heard that you got a D on the Math test. Is that true?
Yes Ma'am, I got a D in math. I'm so sorry, Mom.
Mom: But, why? Don't you learn hard lately?
Rabi: I haven't studied hard lately mom. I'm in my watching TV.
Mother: Oh my God.. Rabi, my son. It might be a good idea to put TV outside your room, so we can control you.


===Giving Warnings===

Giving warning is the expression which is spoken when we want to warn about something to another person. The act or utterance of one who warns or the existence, appearance, sound, etc., of a thing that warns. Something that serves to warn, give notice, or caution: we fired a warning at the intruders.

There is a number of formulas used when Giving Warnings in English. Here are some of the most common:

# Not to do something

– Don't push your brother so hard, or he might/will get hurt!
(Don't push your brother, or he may/will get hurt!)

– Watch out! Be careful!
(Watch out! Be careful!)

– Work hard otherwise you'll fail your exam.
(Work hard otherwise you'll fail the exam.)

# To do something

– Be careful of..
(Be careful with ..)

– Make sure you...
(Make sure you...)

– Be careful!
(Be careful!)

– Look out!
(Watch out....)

– Watch out!
(Watch out....)

– Make sure you don't...
(Make sure you don't...)

---Sample Dialogue Expression of giving Warning---

Urashna: "Mom, can i go out for couple of seconds, please?"
Mom: "Where are you going?"
Urashna: "I want to visit Nitisha. She had an accident this morning. She's in the hospital now. "

Mom: "Okay, but be careful when you drive! The road is very slippery. "

Urashna: "Okay Mom".