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Application of Heavy Water

 Heavy water (D2O)

↪ Deuterium oxide is popularly known as heavy water. Ordinary water is found to contain 1/6000 parts of heavy water in it.

↪ Heavy water is obtained as a residue left after prolong electrolysis of ordinary water in presence of alkali. When water is repeatedly electrolyzed up to 7th stage, about 99% D2O is obtained.

↪ It can also be prepared by the fractional distillation of water where lighter fraction (H2O) distilled over first leaving behind a residue richer in D2O.

↪ Heavy water is colorless, odorless and tasteless mobile liquid.

↪ Most of the physical properties of D2O like M.P., B.P., specific gravity, viscosity, specific heat, dielectric constant etc. are higher than ordinary hydrogen.

↪ Heavy water is more inert than ordinary water. Deuterium bonding with D2O is stronger than hydrogen bonding with H2O.

↪ Though D2O differs with H2O in its physical properties, its chemical properties are very similar to H2O.