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Applications of Different Isotopes of Hydrogen

 Application of Protium

↪ Used in NMR for specific studies.

↪ To prepare nuclear weapon like H-Bomb.

↪ Used in hydrogenation and as reducing agent.

↪ Used for the manufacture of rocket fuel as hydrazine (N2H4), NH3 and fertilizer.

↪ Used in metrological observation balloons and toys balloons.


 Application of Deuterium

↪  Used as solvent in NMR spectroscopy.

↪ To prepare nuclear weapon.

↪ Used as non-radioactive tracer (isotopic labelling experiment)


 Application of Tritium

↪ Used in radioactive tracer analysis in research work.

↪ Used as neutron initiator in nuclear reaction.

↪ Used as fuel in nuclear fusion reaction.

↪ Used as radio luminescent light sources in watches and instruments.

↪ Used as rocket booster

 Application of Hydrogen

↪ Hydrogen is used s source of fuel in the form of water gas (CO+H2). Water gas is obtained by passing steam over red-hot coke or recycled coke from waste. Hydrocarbons can also be used in place of coke.
↪ It is used for the production of synthetic fuel which is a liquid or something gaseous fuel which is manufactured solely by renewable energy. Liquid synthetic fuel is gasoline (petrol), kerosene and diesel, etc.

It can be used as fuel in internal combustion engines either in pure form or in combination with natural gas. It is non-conventional, renewable and zero emission fuel. The combustion pf hydrogen only produces water and energy. The renewable energy makes hydrogen as a source of fuel.

There is no emission of harmful gas in combustion of H2 gas. Therefore, Hgas is used in fuel cell and in internal combustion engine. Use of hydrogen as fuel has advantage like reduction in air pollution, can reduce the use of petroleum as fuel, helps in the reduction of green house effect, 9.5kg of Hcan produce energy equivalent to 25kg of gasoline.

↪ Used in hydrogenation of vegetable oil into solid fat in presence of nickel as catalyst.

↪ Used to produce very high temperature for welding hard metals.