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Introduction to genetics

Genetics term was given by W. Bateson.

Genetics = Collective study of heredity & Variations.

Heredity = Transmission of genetic characters from parent to offsprings.

Variation = Individuals of the same species have some differences; this is called variations.

– History of researches in genetics:

i)G.J. Mendel  - Father of Genetics.

ii)W. Bateson - Father of Modern Genetics.

iii)Morgan  - Father of Experimental genetics

He experimented on Drosophila & proposed various concepts, like Linkage, Sex linkage,

Crossing over, Crisscross inheritance, Linkage map on Drosophila.

iv)A. Garrod = Father of human genetics & Biochemical genetics. Garrod discovered the first human Metabolic genetic disorder which is called alkaptonuria(black urine disease )