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Single Transformation

1. Reflection in X-axis:
                                     P(x, y)→P'(-x, y)

2. Reflection in Y-axis:
                                     P(x, y)→P'(-x, y)

3. Reflection in the line y=x:
                                     P(x, y)→P'(y, x)

4. Reflection in the line y=-x:
                                     P(x, y)→P'(-y, -x)

5. Reflection in the line x=k:
                                     P(x, y)→P'(2k-x, y)

6. Reflection in the line y=x:
                                   P(x, y)→P'(x, 2k-y)


1. Rotation through +90o/ -270o or Positive Quarter Turn
                                     P(x, y)→P'(-y, x)

2. Rotation through -90o/ +270o or Negative Quarter Turn
                                     P(x, y)→P'(y, -x)

3. Rotation through 180o or Half Turn
                                     P(x, y)→P'(-x, -y)


1. Translation by translation vector [a, b]
                           P(x, y)→P'(x+a, y+b)


1. Enlargement with center at origin and scale factor k i.e. E[O, k]
P(x, y)→P'(kx, ky)

2. Enlargement with center at (a,b) and scale factor k i.e. E[(a,b), k]

                          P(x, y)→P'(kx-ka+a, ky-kb+b)

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