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Animal Husbandry is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestocks.

1.Fish Farming in Nepal

a. Inland fisheries

Fishing in freshwater is known as inland fisheries. Types of it are:

I.Capture fisheries that is done in natural habitat.

II.Culture fisheries that is done in artificial conditions.

Indigenous fishes are the native fishes.Rohu and Catla are its examples. Similarly, Exotic fishes are the fishes imported for any other countries. Carps are its example.

b.Breeding techniques

First of all the tank is cleaned and treated with NaCl in the bottom to control the parasites and disease causing agents. Then, the water is filled and the breeders are collected in the tanks.If the fishes are active,its no hard thing, it will conduct naturally(Natural breeding) but if not then,pituitary gland solution is injected so they are stimulated(Artificial breeding).Then, through the process of stripping after 10-12 hours of injection, stripping (It is the term given to the method of actually pushing eggs and sperm out of thefish and mixing them in a dish) is done. After different processes, the fertilized eggs without sticky layers are transferred to the incubators.


c.Importance of fisheries

I.Fish oil.

II.Fish liver is rich in the Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A and D.

III.Fish meal and manures

IV.Skin of large fishes is used for shoes and handbag manufacture.


2.Poultry farming in Nepal

Poultry farming is the practice of raising poultry such as chickens,turkeys,ducks and geese as a subcategory of animal husbandry for the purpose of meat or eggs for food.

Some commercial breeds of Nepal are {Single comb white Leghorn, Rhode island Red}(egg laying) and White Plymuth Rocks(broiler).

A.System of Farming

These are commercial facilities where various types of poultry are bred and raised.The process includes following:

a.Incubation includes the process of development of chick embryo inside the egg.The eggs must be fertilized,cleaned and no deformities. They should be stored at an optimum temperature 15 to 19 degree Celsius.Nowadays,an artificial incubator is also used.

b.Brooding is a process of taking care of hatched brooders.Natural brroding is a sort of maternal care by foster hen. The artificial brooding is done for a month. Brooders are kind of boxes for providing constant warmth to the growing pullets.

c.Rearing,Management and Feeding.The rearing pullets must always be healthy looking for rearing.There should be different poultry houses for egg layers and broilers.Further,chickens of different ages are kept in different coops(cages where they are kept).They should be safe from any hazard like rats or parasites and also should be vaccinated against fowl pox and other diseases.60% of cost in raising poultry is expensed their feeding.They should be fed with calcium and protein to increase production.Crushed grains,cakes fish meals,vitamins and salts also increases the development of body muscles.

B.Advantages of Poultry Farming.

a.Self employment and income generation

b.Space required is less compared to other livestock

c.Chicken manures are used as fertilizers

d.It is the prime source of meat and eggs.


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