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O Love!

                                                                            O Love!

What do you know of love?

Have you my friend ever been in love?

To feel so vulnerable and so bare 

To let her know all of your secrets 

She will be your greatest weakness 

But let her be cause you love her more than you could ever love anyone in this world

To let her smile decide how much of a good day you shall have 

Have you ever felt that kind of love?

To be at her mercy 

To be her support 

To feel truly happy when u talk to her

Have you ever loved someone liked that?

To be heartbroken when she becomes sad 

To boil with anger when someone hurts her

Could you even love someone to that extent 

To let someone consume you from within

What if I say that I have truly loved someone liked that?

Would you believe me? 

Is it no less than a fairy tale?

Fairy tales do exist 

You just gotta look deep enough.

To tell you I am scared to lose her would be an understatement

To talk to you about my possessiveness would scare you 

But I do know one thing 

She gives me strength in those lonely nights 

She fills all the colors to my black and white

I am so lucky to have found you. 

I truly love you .........

(Tried something new this time )

Thanks for reading. Cheers!!

EU 5 Series asked 8 months ago

Okay! Relatable Sir! Let this love only flourish, let this love grow more warm and selfless. I love both of you.

Rabin Kalikote asked 10 months ago

Awesome poem, Ishan! <3