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Movie Review in 'The Exam'



Exam is a 2009 British psychological mystery written by Simon Garrity and Stuart Hazeldine and starring Colin Salmon, Chris Carey, Jimi Mistry, Luke Mably, Gemma Chan, Chuk Iwuji, John Lloyd Fillinghm, Pollyanna Mclntosh, Adar Beck, and Nathalie Cox.The film is veiled by mystery, suspense, science fiction and fantasy. It is one of the mind blowing films I have ever watched. This film was rated 5.6 out of 10 by Rotten Tomato. Exam is the gem of the film.

What an exciting movie! It is a movie of surprises and I will not spoil any of them for you. But I can suggest some of the film’s wonders. The movie is a low budget conceit that is limited within a windowless room. This movie features only ten characters. Eight candidates have reached the final stage of selection for the prestigious job at a mysterious corporation. They enter room and sit in their respective desk. All the candidates are unknown with one another. They are from different area, culture, with unique features. Each desk contains a question paper with the word CANDIDATE followed by a number from one to eight. The invigilator, a representative of the company, provides 8 of them 80 minutes to determine next 80 years of their life he explains that there is one question before them and one answer has to be required. If they try to communicate with him or the armed guard they will be disqualified. If they spoil their paper they will be disqualified. If they leave the room for any reason they will be disqualified. As the clock ticks down they must figure out what the company expect from them and how far they are prepared for the job. As they turn their paper they come to know that there is no question. Then the candidates start to ponder the words of the invigilator. They work together for sometime because they are lost without one another. White (Luke Mably )assigns the nicknames based on hair colour, and skin colour; Black(Chuk Iwuji), Brown( Jimi Mistry), Blonde(Nathalie Cox), Brunette(Pollyanna Mclntosh), Dark(Adar Beck) and Deaf(  John Lloyd Fillinghm)  for the one who does not respond  to the group. They begin investigating the paper using lights, liquids in order to extract the question. However they fail themselves in each step. Time passes on but they just remain in dilemma what is the question?? Then they start revealing the feeling of competition jealousy, and throwing each of them out of the game. With the decrease in time period the number of candidates also decreases. As a result FOUR remains OUT and FOUR remains IN. They leave none of the stone unturn for their victory. They even start killing each other. At the end only blonde remains in the room. She finally reveals the question at the end.

The film is all about mystery, the interactions, and the enigmatic environment. Although the film is set within 1 single location, 1 set and for only matter you will not get bored. It is able to give a solid plot, awesome acting and the great ending. The movie will make you guessing and guessing. You will discover the surprising truth of all plots. There is nothing like frustrating. You will be enjoying throughout the movie. I highly recommend this well written film that is one of my best movies ever seen.

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