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NEB Grade 11 Biology(Botany) Question Paper 2076(2019)

Attempt all questions

1.  Answer in short on any seven. [7*1=7]

a. What does it mean by eukaryotic cell?

b. Define cell sap.

c. State about plasmodesmata.

d. What is species?

e. Elaborate bacillus.

f. Define homogonia.

g. Mention about pin mould.

h. Illustrate hydrosphere.

i. What is predation?

j. Define food web.

2.  Describe in brief in any five. [5*3=15]

a. Functions of carbohydrates.

b. Types of lysosomes.

c. Kinds of chromosome.

d. Structure of Nostoc.

e.  Economic importance of gymnosperms.

f. Types of stem.

g. Significance of water management.

3.  Describe the structure and sexual reproduction in Marchantia with suitable diagrams. [7.5]


   Describe the family cruciferae in semi-technical terms with identifying characters, floral diagram     and floral formulae with two examples of economic value. 

4. Describe ecosystem and describe the structural and functional aspects of pond ecosystem with suitable examples. [8]