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NEB Grade 11 Biology (Zoology) Question Paper 2076(2019)

 Attempt all questions.

1. Answer in short in any seven. [7*1=7]

a.  What do you mean by apiculture?

b. Define genetic engineering.

c. What is the first form of life?

d. Define taxonomy.

e. What is conjugation?

f. Define the term haemocoelomate.

g. What is haemozoin?

h. Give the scientific name of milliped and tiger.

i. What is biological control for pest?

j. Define the term taxis.

2. Describe in brief any five. [5*3=15]

a.  Oparin-Haldane Theory

b. Liver Schizogony in malarial parasite.

c. Structure and function of trichocyst.

d. List out the sources of pollutants.

e. Differentiate between chondrichthyes and oesteichthyes.

f. Terrestrial adaptation of animals.

g. Causes of depletion of wildlife.

3. What is portal system? Describe the venous system in frog. [7.5]


   Describe the reproductive system of earthworm.

4. Explain the most accepted theory of origin of life on earth. [8]

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