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Zoology PastPaper

                                                   HSEB QUESTION 2066

                                                  MODEL QUESTION THEORY (2066)


1. Answer any seven questions.[7*1=7]

a. Define the terms parasitology and Palaentology.

b. How is Zoology related with Chemistry?

c. What is organic evolution?

d. Define analogous organs.

e. Differentiate oxidising atmosphere and reducing atmosphere.

f. Write the zoological names of wall lizard and liver fluke.

g. Mention the functions of contractile vacuole in Paramecium.

h. Define conservation.

i. Name any two examples of migratory birds.

j. Why is DDT banned?

Qno.2 Answer any five questions in brief.[5*3=15]

a."Archaeopteryx" is a connecting link between reptiles and birds" justify.

b. Give an account on gamogony life cycle of P. vivax.

c. Classify Pila.

d. How is a cocoon formed in earthworm?

e. Draw a well labelled diagram of internal structure of frog's heart.( No description necessary)

f. Describe the volant adaptation features of birds.

g. Enlist the important measures to protect the endangered species.

3. Draw the neat and well labelled diagram of male reproductive system of Pheretima.


Write the alimentary canal of Rana tigrina.[7.5]

4. Write an essay on the theory of natural selection.[8]

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