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                                                     MODEL QUESTION

Subject: Botany                                                                                

Class XI

                                                        Time: 1 hr and 30 minutes

1. Answer any seven questions in very short.[7*1=7]

a. Differentiate between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells bases on their nucleus.

b. Write the functions of chloroplast.

c. What are the components of cell component.

d. Why are cyanobacteria called as blue green algae?

e. Why are ferns called as vascular cryptograms?

f. Write the difference between disc and ray floret.

g. Name the primary consumers of pond ecosystem.

h. Define the plant succession.

i. Define green house effect.

j. Lichen is an example of symbiosis, how?

2. Answer any five question in brief.[5*3=15]

a. In what ways DNA differ from RNA?

b. Give the short comings of two kingdom system of classification?

c. Illustrate the vegetative structure of spirogyra with diagram.

d. Write the economic importance of fungi.

e. By system of stamens character, How will you  differentiate the various families.

f. Energy flows in an ecosystem  always is always unidirectional.

g. How does carbon exist in the nature?

3. Describe the pro phase I of meiosis cell division.  Distinguish it from pro phase of mitosis.

4. Discuss the family Solanaeceae with floral formula, diagnostic characters and economic plants.


Discuss the alternation of generation with reference to Marchantia.