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Class 11 Model set questions: SET 1 [Section: Zoology]


1. Answer any seven questions in very short.   [7x1 = 7]
a. Define mycology and anthropology.
b. Who coined the term biology?
c. Name the vestigial organ of the human intestine.
d. What is the difference between aestivation and hibernation?
e. In which animal group do you find the flame cells?
f. What is cyclosis?
g. Give the scientific name of a garden snail and Tapeworm.
h. Give the name of any two migratory birds?
i. What are the two volant features of the bat?
j. Write the full form of IUCN?

2. Answer any five questions in short.   [5x3 = 15]
a. Explain the relationship of biology with other sciences.
b. Mention the criticism of Darwinism.
c. Miller Urey experiment.
d. Describe the binary fission in paramecium?
e. How is cocoon formed in earthworm?
f. Explain the control measures of air pollution.
h. Discuss the causes of the depletion of wildlife.

3. Explain the life cycle of Plasmodium in a human host.
    Describe the conjugation process in Paramecium. What is the significance of this process?

4. Explain the Oparin and Haldane Theory of Origin of life on earth.

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