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Zoology Practical 2076 Board Exam

A. Dissection - 4 marks
a. Arterial system of rat (with Well labelled diagram)
b. Digestive System (with well labelled diagram)
c. General Anatomy (with well labelled diagram)

B. Physiology -1.5 marks
Q .Identify the given solution by using the given reagents.
Hint : (The give solution may be starch ,glucose or protein solution)

C. VIVA -2.5 marks  

This includes some memory based questions which were asked to our friends.

1.Function of Leydig cell/ Interstitial cells and Sertoli cells ?
Ans: Leydig cell produces testosterone and Sertoli cells nourishes sperm.

2.What is the macrophages of  kidney ?
Ans : Lacis Cell (Mesangial cell)

-Other macrophages:
Lungs : Alveolar Macrophages/Dust cells
Skin : Langerhan's Cell/ Dendritic Cell
Liver : kupffer cell
Brian : Microglia
Thymus gland : Hassal's Corpuscle .
Spleen : Sinusoidal Cell
Connective tissue : Histiocytes
Bone : Osteoclast
Cartilage: Chondroclast
Placenta :Hafbauer Cell ✓✓

3.what are holocrine gland ?
Holocrine gland is a cell which secrete its secretion by bursting whole cell Eg.Sebaceous gland

Three types of gland based on mode of secretion ; 

i. Holocrine :Holocrine gland is a cell which secrete its secretion by bursting whole cell Eg.Sebaceous gland

ii. apocrine : secretotory product is discharge with parts of apical cytoplasm .Eg: mammary gland

iii. Merocrine(Epicrine√√): secretion w/o cell    membrane destruction ,Cell mermberane remains intact.Eg : digestive glands

4.What is the muscle present in scrotum ?
Ans : Dartous Muscle

5.which cranial nerve controls lateral rectus muscle of eye?
Ans: 6th Cranial nerve ,Abducent

Note : Superior oblique muscle is controlled by 4th Cranial nerve,Trochlear . 

6. Crystal of bone
Ans:Hydroxyapatite ✓✓

7. Largest blood cell.
Ans : monocyte ,agranulated WBC,size : 18um 

8.Which hormone causes ovulation ?
Ans:LH hormone (Luteinizing hormone) on 14th day of Menstrual cycle

9.What are phagocytic cells of Placenta ?
Ans: Hofbauer cells (HBCs) 

10.What is Manchette ? ✓✓
Ans:Manchette simply refers to the cytoplasm surrounding neck region  in the middle section of the sperm.

(P.s)"Posterior half of nucleus , neck and middle piece of sperm is surrounded by a sheath called manchette "

Note : The spirally coiled mitochondria around Manchette is Nabernkern Sheath .

11. What are ependymal cels?
Ans: Ependymal cell, type of neuronal support cell (neuroglia) that forms the epithelial lining of the ventricles (cavities) in the brain and the central canal of the spinal cord.

12. What is GIP ?
Ans :Gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP), or gastric inhibitory peptide, also known as glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (also abbreviated as GIP), is an inhibiting hormone of the secretin family of hormones. While it is weak inhibitor of gastric acid secretion, its main role is to stimulate insulin secretion.

13.What is site of fertilization in fallopian tube ? 
Ans : Ampulla 

14. Where is eutachian valve situated ?
Ans:The eustachian valve (also known as the "valve of the inferior vena cava") is a ridge of variable thickness in the inferior right atrium.

15.What is elastic epithelium ,plastic epithelium ??
Ans : Transitional Epithelium(a.k.a Urothelium) because it can contract and relax.

16. What are ito cells ?
Ans: fat storing cells of liver which also stores vitamin A.

17.Which is the sweetest sugar ?
Ans:thaumatin (also known as talin) is the sweetest known substance. It is 1,600 times as sweet as sucrose. 

Note:Fructose is the sweetest of the naturally-occurring sugars

18. Which protein is found in cartilage ?
Ans : Collagen II protein(@Car2lage- collagen 2)

19.What are astrocytes ?
Ans : A macroglia that forms blood brain barrier.

20. How would you differentiate male and female from blood cells? ✓✓ 
Ans :In females,neutrophils have  barr bodies while it is not seen in neutrophils of male 

Barrbodies is regarded as diagnostic of genetic femaleness.

21.Where do we observe pigmented epithelium ?
Ans : In T.S. of Retina of eye ,It is also known as RPE (Retinal Pigmented epithelium)

22. Differentiate b/w epiblast and hypoblast .(Human Embryology)
Ans :Epiblast is primitive ectoderm and is layer of larger columnar cells while hypoblast is primitive endoderm and is layer of smaller cuboidal cells .

23.What is obturator foramen ?
Ans : Foramen in b/w ischium and pubis of Pectoral girdle bone.

24. What is stomodeum ?
Ans: The stomodeum, also called stomatodeum or stomatodaeum, is a depression between the brain and the pericardium in an embryo, and is the precursor of the mouth and the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland*.

Actually, Adenohypophysis originates as Rathke's pouch from dorsal wall of stomodeum in the embryo, but later its connection with stomodaeum disappears.


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