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KINGDOM.     :Fungi

DIVISION.       :Eumycota

CLASS.           :Phycomycetes

SUB- CLASS.  :Zygomycetes

ORDER.           :Mucorales

FAMILY.           :Mucoraceae

GENUS            : Mucor

Mucor is a saprophytic fungus and comprises about 150 species. It is worldwide in distribution. It is commonly called "pin mould' or black mould". 

Occurence : mucor grows on dead and decaying materials like dung of herbivorous animals like cow (Coprophilous fungi eg mucor  mucedo known as black mould), rotten fruits, decaying vegetables, jams, jellies. bread, pickles, sored meat, leather goods, soil rich in humus, etc. Some species are grown as facultative parasites on fruits, vegetables and internal organs of animals eg. Mucor puillus. Mucor Species like M.Mucedo and M.racemosus are well-known air contaminants . M.javanica is well known to cause alcoholic fermentation.