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Format of CV

Format of resume / bio data


Name: Write your name here

Address: Write both your permanent and temporary address

Mobile number: Write your mobile number (if two write both)

E-mail: Eg:khatiwadaswarup482@gmail.com


Career objective:

___________ (to work in challenging and dynamic environment and use my expertise and rich for the growth of the working environment and studies.)


Personal details:

Sex: Write your gender


Date of birth:           (mm/dd/yyyy) (for American)

                                    (dd/mm/yyyy) (for British)


Marital status: (single, married, engaged, divorced)


Education and studies:



Passed year



Which level did you complete

From which school or college

When did you complete it

What is your special subject

Which grade were you in.






(note: you can put the academic qualification in ascending or descending order.)

Work experiences:

1.    Write whether you have worked for any office or organization before.


Training and awards:

1.    If you have won any kind of awards in any kind of program.

2.    If you have got training from any organization.



If you have your article or book, or story published.



1.    Write the name of person who knows you along with mobile number and email address

2.    But shouldn’t be your parents

3.    Rather a teacher or a mentor.

(note: you should have given at least three person’s name and their contact address)


I hereby declare that the above information is correct. To the best of my knowledge and believe, these data correctly describe my qualification, experiences and me. I will be responsible for my wrong information.